Zippi Chip [Z10i] 10000, mAH Fast Wireless Charger for Micro USB , TYPE-C & IOS (Supports All Mobile Device)

Zippi Z10i
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Wireless microchip technology for mobile charging:

Before we begin with our main topic let’s find out the basic information about microchips.

First of all, let us all know a little bit about how does this wireless microchip technology works to charge our mobile phones:

Basically, it transfers energy from a charger to the receiver via electromagnetic induction. The charger uses the induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field.

For this to happen perfectly, the charger and receiver should be closed and aligned correctly over the top of each other. It usually works from the distance of 4cm. A wireless charging device works to transfer power to a compatible device when its placed on the top of the pad.

Pulsed width modulators (PWMs), high-speed analogues to digital converters (ADCs) and programmable core are very much effective in optimising wireless charging solutions. For small power waltz, there are 15W single and multi-coil transmitters and for higher power waltz there are 200W/300W wireless power references.

High power transmitters are ideal for devices such as drones, power tools, robotics vacuum, industrial slip rings, small electric vehicles etc.

Microchip also offers many of the analogue support parts or pieces for communications, power management and output control to enable a complete system design.

Wireless charging for personal electronics is a brand new convenient feature that is making its way to the automobile industry. Coupled with hands-free communication, it allows phone charging while in use within the vehicle. With the growing functionality of the smartphones attached to the vehicles such as navigation system, a wide source of entertainment, variety of applications, a convenient method of charging is a differentiating factor of smartphones in today’s world!

All we have talked about now is a microchip in smartphones but they’re very much effective in computers as well.

Here’s some information about it which might be handy and useful to you:
Microchips in a computer are made out of different materials but most common is silicon generally. These microchips are responsible for acting as semiconductors which supports your device to perform different tasks.

For the memory purpose, all the computers have already installed RAM into them from the manufacturers only. Once you shut down your device all the temporary memories which you’ve installed in them will be wiped out. If you remove that RAM then your device will slow down and you’ll find it very much difficult to work on! Thus, that’s an important part of your device. For more details BLOG on


2 in 1 design:

This wireless charger can charge for iOS and Android smart phones, smart identification , 15W /10W /7.5W for smartphones wireless chip charging.

Perfectly fit:

The housing of this wireless charger using the same material of the AirPods, with groove design, will perfectly fit, simple and beautiful.

Safe to use:

This wireless charger is very safe to use, with built-in overcharging protection, overheat protection, high voltage protection, high power protection, short circuit protection and more.

Charging with protective shell:

With Apple lightning interface, it is designed to charge your phone with protective shell within 8mm thickness, very convenient and handy.

Compatible devices:

This charging base is suitable for all types of ports (Miro USB, Type-C & Lightning connector) on for variety of smartphones and devices such as Apple AirPods, IPhone11/11pro/Pro Max and more, Huawei Mate30/30Pro/30RS and more, and Samsung Galaxy S10 /S10+ , Oppo, Mii etc.


Type:  Wireless chip charger
Material:  Environmental Friendly PC
Color:  Blue , Black , Red
Sensing distance:  Upto 30 Meters
Power:  15W /10W / 7.5W
Size: 65*55*18mtr
Net weight:  80g/2.82oz
Battery Power Rating:  10000 mah
Packages: * Wireless charger

* Data Cable

* Adapter



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